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I am reposting here an article written by James, posted to "" outlining the real possibility of a world currency being created in the next few years, how it might be instigated and the very negative implications it would have for the world.

In this essay, I will be arguing against the use of a One World Currency; why it would be bad for everyone except bankers; how it will be brought in and how it will be made viable. I will also point out how all the strategies essential to its implementation have been employed before only not together and, lastly, how it has caused war in the past and will again in the very near future.

In the Forum section (link below in the right column) is the article “The Tower of Basel”by Ellen Brown. It gives a very brief but good history of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) which is the driving force behind the campaign for a One World Currency (OWC). I highly recommend reading it before you progress further with this essay.

Still here? You want the bottom line now, right? OK, but read it after!

The most important part of Ellen Brown's article for my purposes is the following paragraphs which are highlighted in the forum version-

“BIS regulations serve only the single purpose of strengthening the international private banking system, even at the peril of national economies. . . . The IMF and the international banks regulated by the BIS are a team: the international banks lend recklessly to borrowers in emerging economies to create a foreign currency debt crisis, the IMF arrives as a carrier of monetary virus in the name of sound monetary policy, then the international banks come as vulture investors in the name of financial rescue to acquire national banks deemed capital inadequate and insolvent by the BIS.”

Ironically, noted Liu, developing countries with their own natural resources did not actually need the foreign investment that trapped them in debt to outsiders:

“Applying the State Theory of Money [which assumes that a sovereign nation has the power to issue its own money], any government can fund with its own currency all its domestic developmental needs to maintain full employment without inflation.”

The first paragraph clearly spells out that having anything to do with the world banking bodies is akin to national suicide. These bodies are entirely predatory. The second paragraph says that involvement with these bodies has been entirely unnecessary as each country has the ability to issue its own currency backed by its own resources, skills and production. These resources are owned by or are integral to the population as a whole in whichever nation we happen to be looking at. So long as someone holding that nation's currency (whether that person is residing in that particular country of outside of it) can exchange it for goods of intrinsic value, then that currency is valuable and viable. It needs no gold hidden in vaults anywhere to back it up.

There is another factor that gives a nation's currency value domestically and that is the demand for it imposed by the government that demands taxes and will only accept payment in “legal tender” i.e. the national currency. If you don't pay your taxes with this curency, ultimately, they will lock you up. So “you gotta get you some”. Pretty hard to argue with!

The leadership of every country in the world (except the Channel Island of Guernsey, as far as I know) has either been corrupted or tricked into acquiescing to the practice of private banks issuing their currencies and pocketing the interest from it. Given that the entire Money Supply of most countries comes into being through loans from these banks, that's a lot of interest money. This gives enormous power to these banks (or bankers) who, conscious of their trickery, set about corrupting the whole fabric of society to gain control over it and ward off any possible challenge to their position.

If the sovereign Government issued the currency (out of the same thin air that the private banks use), they would have all the interest free capital they need to provide infrastructure and services. (Indeed, this is what the Australian Federal Government did in the very early part of the 20th Century). Interest charged to private borrowers would go towards funding services as well. It is quite possible to run a prosperous nation without taxes!

That is briefly how a currency is supposed to work. Government issued currency, managed well, leads to prosperity with little or no taxation and national independence. What's not to like?
Privately issued currency, which also leads to foreign loans from more private banks, leads to poverty, oppressive taxes and loss of sovereignty. With the loss of sovereignty comes the inevitable risk of involvement in foreign wars that have nothing to do with you. What's not to loathe?

If the drive to one world currency is resisted and should the resistance prove successful, it should immediately be followed with a campaign for a nationalized banking system to return the wealth to the people of the nation.

So that's what's wrong with a privately issued national currency. Does it apply to a One World Currency? Yes, indeed, and more. While there is a general loss of sovereignty within all countries (and it is much more than most people would like to think) there remains the possibility of it being regained by the populace of any particular nation. A nation that successfully financed itself would then be a shining example for others to follow. A global currency would take away that possibility or at least place it so far out of reach to make it virtually impossible. Thereafter, if a nation tried to establish its own currency, it would find it couldn't convert it to carry out foreign trade plus it would have the armies of the world surrounding it because the bankers would be in effective control of all the world's governments (and their armies) just as national banks are in control of national governments now. It just gets that much harder to have an economically just system.

So how are the “Powers That Be” going to bring in a One World Currency? Well, they've already started. They have had a trial run with the Euro for Western Europe which has no doubt provided useful lessons. It is interesting to note that Ireland boomed after it join the European Union with the injection of loan funds which increased the money supply and after they refused (twice) to adopt the Euro as their national currency, they now find themselves deep in recession; carrot and stick. This will be used more and more.

The current derivatives meltdown around the world is a necessary part of this plot to a One World Currency. The PTB get people to adopt unpalatable changes by first creating a problem or crisis and then presenting the change as the solution; “the medicine will taste better than the disease”, sort of thing; along with such platitudes as “Short term pain for long term gain”.

Anyway, you can read more about Stage One, "Into The Valley of Debt" here. It's not over either. There's more of stage one to come. All the trillions of dollars that have been created to “bail out the banks” will inevitably lead to inflation, probably massive. There's no escaping it. The mechanicism for that is explained in the above link. People (political shills) will call out for a stable one world currency and some countries will go for it. But not every country will be keen on it particularly if they know what's in store. So there's a need for something to provide value to and to enforce the adoption of this OWC by reluctant countries. China, for instance, might not be too keen to hear that this new currency will be backed up in part by their own resources yet they will have no say in the issuance of the currency nor share in part of the consequently massive profits. Nevermind the loss of control of their own economy.

I believe the proposed new currency will be backed by oil. The international bankers behind the BIS will not need to own the oil (though they own quite a lot through their oil companies). All they need is for the oil to be sold, and only sold, in exchange for their new currency. This will ensure an instant and massive demand for this currency. This sleight of hand requires the control of or agreement from the world's oil supplier countries. We already have a similar system in place in the world.

In the early seventies, OPEC was formed and then massively increased the price of oil over the following years. The major oil companies (and their client governments) rolled over without much fuss at all and accepted the new staus quo. There were no invasions. I remember being surprised at the time and the answer to the riddle came along in due course. The oil majors (who, remember, are owned by the major banking families) made a deal with the Saudis (and the other OPEC nations followed) to only sell their oil through the oil “bourses” in London and New York and the sales to be denominated in US dollars. This neat trick meant that the major banks could issue huge amounts of dollars (out of thin air) as loans to the value of the world's oil sales because everyone now needed to get the US$ before they could get the oil. This is how the US dollar was cemented in place as the reserve currency of the world. And this is how, too, they have been able to deliberately dismantle the US domestic economy over the last thirty years through globalisation (thank you Milton Freidman!) and not see the value of the US dollar plummet. This is how the US has financed its huge military buildup. It would have not been possible otherwise. It has been able to spend, spend, spend all this new found wealth from the interest gained from the vast loans as well as spending the money outright. It may take a while to get your head round this but, believe me, it really is as simple as its sounds.

Perhaps now you will see new meaning in Saddam Hussein's selling of oil in currencies other than the US$ which he started shortly before he (and all Iraqis) came to grief. This accounted for the timing of the war as well as its raison d'etre. Perhaps you will extend that new meaning to encompass Iran's decision to do likewise. Not only has this threatened the viability of the US's continued military dominance (it buys from all over the world with its currency backed by others oil), but just as importantly, it threatens the introduction and viability of their projected New World Order currency. This makes Iran target number one. If the US and these bankers can't control or own Iran's oil, they must, at least, stop them from selling it in anything other than $US for the moment and the OWC in the future. Bombing their oil fields and have the Iranians block the Straits of Hormuz in retaliation would achieve that just fine.

But that would be a temporary solution. What is needed really is complete control of Iran. This same scenario applies to Russia as well. The oil fields need to be under the international bankers control before the OWC can be introduced. Time is running out. This juggernaut has been put in motion and they cannot afford to stop it in mid stride for fear the whole plot, hatched over decades (if not longer), will collapse.

Here are two articles for added background and comment. The first is from Mike Whitney entitled, "Fragile Dollar Hegemony" and I aggree with him wholeheartedly.

The second is from William Engdahl (his website is here, lots of good stuff there) and has valuable background, though, I have some disagreement (apart from the major point of his article!). For instance,
“the status of the dollar as reserve currency depends on the status of the United States as the world’s unchallenged military superpower. In a sense, since August 1971 the dollar is no longer backed by gold. Instead, it is backed by F-16’s and MI Abrams battle tanks, operating in some 130 US bases around the world, defending liberty and the dollar.”

I believe he has this relationship exactly backwards as I argued further up in the essay.
Also, Engdahl quotes the former Director of the London International Petroleum Exchange, Chris Cook, as saying, “It is therefore with wry amusement that I have seen a myth being widely propagated on the Internet that the genesis of this "Iran bourse" project is a wish to subvert the US dollar by denominating oil pricing in euros.
’As anyone familiar with the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries will know, the denomination of oil sales in currencies other than the dollar is not a new subject, and as anyone familiar with economics will tell you, the denomination of oil sales is merely a transactional issue: what matters is in what assets (or, in the case of the United States, liabilities ) these proceeds are then invested.’

This is pure bullshit, as one might expect from someone in Cook's position. BTW, anytime you read, “as anyone familiar with (whatever) will tell you ...” suspect nonsense is being peddled. It's an oft used rhetorical ruse thrown at an uneducated audience (on the particular topic) to counter possible questions. I don't have space to elaborate further here on the above errors but I will answer any questions raised in the comments section.

So, to summarise, the world's international bankers, through owning the Bank for International Settlements and the US Federal Reserve, have been robbing the rest of the world blind ever since oil sales were denominated in US currency in the seventies. This grand theft has allowed them to build this massive military machine with which they are presently dominating the world. Further, they will use this war machine to intimidate the rest of the world into accepting an even more insidious currency, the One World or Global Currency from which it will be exceedingly difficult, indeed, to escape from. The pillaging will be massive and dominance will then be complete. The world will, indeed, "be their footstool". This is the bad news.

The good news is that if this juggernaut that has been launched now is delayed or sidetracked in any way, it will crash, I believe. If the approaching war with Iran in June is stymied, even temporarily, the bankers will miss their opportunity to use oil as the backing for their planned One World Currency and this will take away its viability. The current economic mess will be cleaned up in some other way other than instituting a global currency and maybe, just maybe, the truth will out and the bankers and their corruption of our societies will all start to collapse. Certainly, though, the world will have avoided massive death and destruction from yet another of their wars.
So spread the word!


Another way of seeing this whole issue of the One World Currency is to see it not so much as the introduction of a new currency but rather as the removal of alternate and competing national currencies (such as the Yen and Ruble, in fact, any other currency at all) to the US dollar, which is undeniably our present de facto global currency. Largely, it is just a name change because the same people (private international bankers – Rothschilds et. al.) will be issuing the new currency using the same backing, international oil sales, except now there won't be any alternatives to turn to. There will be no escape.

This changover from $US to $Global needs to be seemless. If the rest of the world starts using their own currencies in a major way in the meantime and see that it works just fine (in fact, better) then the spell will be broken. Everyone may well see that a Global or One World Currency is not only entirely unnecessary, but is (and always has been) a positive menace to world peace and prosperity. A universal currency is a necessary ingredient in establishing and maintaining an empire.

Currently, the $US is being collapsed in preparation for the changover. This has been set in motion and its course is set as the inevitable inflation reeks its damage. The bankers have their One World Currency ready in the wings to implement. BUT, they need control over the sale of ALL the oil to bring it in and to enforce its use. Any alternative to using the OWC to purchase oil will wreck it's viability and its enforcment. They don't have control of Iran's oil and presumably Russia's oil sales yet and time is running out.

The financial meltdown has been years in gestation and once set in motion had a timing of its own. The bankers had planned on a world war before this. Lebanon in 2006 was supposed to provide the spark; the attack on Syria a year or so later, as well; then finally the attack on Gaza. None have worked. What I'm saying is that the global financial meltdown, the One World Currency and all the troubles in the Middle East and now Central Asia are intimately connected and there is a critical timeline involved. Upset that timeline through further delays in bringing all the worlds oil sales under the world bankers' control (either diplomatically or militarily) and their opportunity to switch seemlessly from $US to $Global will disappear.

The $US is imploding and it will be replaced with either nothing (best alternative) or a basket of currencies or the OWC. But this last one needs the control of the oil sales in place first, as I have argued. Hence, the urgency on the bankers part and also the opportunity on everybody else's part to scuttle the whole thing.


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